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I, S.RAMESH B.Lit, have started my career from 1996 and continuing to enrich myself with this esoteric knowledge every day. I inherited and learned most of it from my Grandfather and father, who is also an astrologer. With his blessings, horoscope analysis and Naadi reading has become my main forte.





The origin of the Nadi astrology (palm leaf reading) can be traced back to approximately thousands years ago. It is said about nadi astrology that the Indian Rishis or sages had written the life patterns of each persons life on palm leaves by their Yogic Intuitive powers. These unique leaves were initially kept in the temple library. Later who were very much interested in knowledge related to nadi astrology they got the leaves from the library. This is a traditional service and is being practiced by generations downwards.



Vedic Astrology has a special system of marriage compatibility, between male and female and their horoscope charts. Chart compatibility is exact analysis of how the planetary positions in the charts. It is necessary to analyze placement of Mars, Venus, Shani, Rahu and Kethu also in both horoscopes. If these planets are badly placed either in your horoscope or your partner's horoscope, the married life will be in problem (like ego clash, lack of understandings, unhappy, divorce may be happen, child may not be born or life partner may be dead).



Astro numerology is a branch of Vedic astrology. The effects of a person's actions that determined their fate in this life, is manifested in form of the date of birth. Every number in the date of birth has vibrations. The results of our karmas are reflected by mystical numbers in our life e.g. longevity, birth time etc. The numbers also covers the study of the nine planets; Sun – (1), Moon – (2), Jupiter – (3), Rahu – (4), Mercury – (5), Venus – (6), Kethu – (7), Saturn – (8) and Mars – (9). The whole universe functioning depends upon the numbers and their interplay. In our human life the numbers have a very important role to play. Numbers will produce various effects on life patterns of the person.



Astro Gemology is a classical science and wisdom of Vedic, the whole universe covered by five elements (fire, water, earth, sky and air), without these elements no one can live in the earth. These same five elements contain the gem stones also, like Fire – Ruby and Coral; Water – Pearl and Diamond; Earth – Emerald; Sky – Yellow Sapphire; Air – Blue Sapphire. The 9 main gemstones are acting as cosmic blessings of human life. The wearing of gems in an important consideration that can potentially changes and alter many areas of our life. Gems are the most perfect and increase the strength of material,it is a permanent wealth from the nature of earth.