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Welcome To Naadijothidam
The Family tree of Naadi astrologer originated in Ariyalur Dist., Tamil Nadu, India. Today, Shri Selva Ramesh. M, one of the members of this family tree, has mastered the art of predicting the future through this unique astrological science. Shri Selva Ramesh has shifted base from his native place Ariyalur to Chennai and has set up Agasthiar Sri Bogar Naadi Jothidalayam, ably assisted by his siblings, Shri Ragupathy. S and Shri Thirumurugan. S. From 2000 onwards, people from all walks of life, from tinsel stars to the common man have been flocking the Center for guidance and help. The Center consists of a number of Naadi readers and translators well-versed in English and Hindi languages. They predict the lives of people through the palm leaves. According to Shri Selva Ramesh, "Naadi Jothidam gives accurate predictions because it's pre-defined and pre-documented by the ancient sages and cannot be manipulated or altered."